Friday, December 21, 2012

Balmers Monkey Balm Review

I was given a free full size Balmers Monkey Balm to try out and give my honest opinion.

My teenage daughter suffers from Eczema and we have tried prescription and over the counter medications and nothing seems to work for her. Extreme itching and embarrassing break outs, she never wants to wear shorts or show her legs.

This is a before picture:

As you can see the eczema nearly covers her legs.

She started using the Balmers Monkey Balm, applying 3 times a day. (Morning, after school and before bed.) It had a consistency that reminded her of lip balm. It didn't sting at all and was easy to apply. She would use the push up stick to apply, then rub it into her legs.

I love that this product is 100% natural and is easy to use. The description says it "Improves eczema and extreme dry-skin in 3 days." I thought how could a product work that quick, sounds too good to be true. 

BUT this product IS TRUE because look at the after photo, This was taken on day 4:

I could hardly believe my eyes! The redness, the itchiness, scabs, ALL GONE!! HUGE improvement.

I would totally recommend this product to ANYONE who suffers from Eczema or extreme dry skin. Their website also says "Soothing sunburn, minor scrapes and burns, and rashes." So this product is for many different things.


Here is their website:

Friday, October 12, 2012

Momma got a tattoo!

My 20 year old son passed away the summer of 2011. I wanted to get a tattoo in his memory but waited until I found just the right thing. I came across an infinity symbol and loved the design. It's like a figure "8" and considering I have 8 kids, it just felt like the right thing. It symbolizes my eternal love for my son Nate, our love is infinity and not even death can take that away from us. The color blue is a sign of peace, and all I pray is that he is indeed at peace. Blue is also my favorite color. 

I have never had a tattoo before so I really didn't know what to expect. Honestly no amount of pain would matter to me because this is something I felt I needed to do. After all, I have delivered several large babies (11 and 12 pound babies) with no pain meds, so I knew I could handle this.

My oldest son (almost 24) and my "baby" (3 1/2) went with me and watched me get the tattoo. The only tears shed were when the tattoo artist drew out the design exactly how I had described and what I wanted. I was overwhelmed with emotions to see it. 

The pain wasn't too bad, it was a little cutting and burning sensation at times, especially when he went over the bone I could feel it more. Reminded me of trying to cut into a piece of steak and the fatty part you have to cut a little how I imagined he was doing on my leg. (I didn't look because for some reason I thought it might make it worse to see when he was going to do it.) I was laughing and telling jokes the whole time. Honestly, halfway through I was thinking about a design if I did get a second tattoo someday. 

I survived, it wasn't that bad and maybe someday I might get another one. I really love it and the colors. It's on my lower right ankle:


Clairol nice'n easy

I fell in love with my Clairol nice'n easy that I used nearly 6 weeks ago. Although the color hadn't all washed out yet, I was anxious to try the red and couldn't wait.

I used Clairol nice'n easy Non Permanent #815R  Deep Mahogany Auburn.

So here are the results:

It has some really bright red highlights out in the sun. I tried to get a good picture but the sun was so bright my eyes kept watering and made it hard. So I took several goofy random shots and just made a collage.

I've had several compliments on this shade and I really like it. Love trying out the colors of non-permanent hair color. Very easy to use. *LOVE*

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Post-it Review

I received a Post-it Full Adhesive Roll from 3M for free to evaluate.

The post-it came on a convenient dispenser which easily rolls out and tears off where you need it to. I received one in a green color.

I decided to try it out on different types of surfaces to see how it would stick.
On our Ipad boxes:

And then on an Xbox game, which has a plastic cover:

I used a permanent marker and it did not run. The Post-it stuck very well, leaving no sticky residue when I removed it. I was able to reuse it and stick it on a cork board and it even stuck well on that surface:

I can see many great uses with this from labeling the children's books to spice jars and even leftover foods so I know what they are. I love that it's on a roll and very easy to use!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

CLAIROL nice'n easy review

I had the opportunity to test out Clairol nice'n easy non-permanent hair color. I was given a coupon for a free box to try from   Vocalpoint is a community of women who love sharing. Vocalpoint regularly offers coupons or free samples from big brands. You then use these coupons or samples and give your feedback.

So here's my review:

My before picture. I am 43 years old and here is my natural self. I haven't colored my hair in forever and the gray's are showing very well. 

The product:

I chose Clairol nice'n easy Non Permanent #78 Medium Golden Brown. So what does this non-permanent mean? Well it contains no ammonia and gradually washes out within 28 shampoos. So you can experiment around with different colors before you commit to a permanent shade.

Time: 15-minute application process
Gray coverage: Blends away gray
Washes out within: 28 shampoos
Number of shades: 12
Contains ammonia? No
Perfect for: First-time colorers
Best Feature: Natural looking tones and dimensional shine

Sounds easy enough right? Honestly I was very skeptical that it would actually cover my stubborn gray's. I have tried several hair colors and they never seem to totally cover them. So here we go, I followed the directions and applied to my hair. (Be sure to use a junk towel to wrap around your shoulders so you don't make a mess on your clothes.):

Tick tock, 15 minutes flew by and time to rinse my hair out. My hair was very soft and smooth feeling after washing and it didn't have a strong chemical smell.

And here's the after picture:

I love it! It was very easy to use and did fully cover the gray's. Maybe next time I will try the flirty red color.

There are 12 beautiful shades you can try. See here: